Vingåker Energetic Science Park (VESP) – a platform for research and development of sustainable and environmentally correct methods for disposal of explosives material and articles.


The 21st century has just begun and it is difficult to understand that as recently as 10,000 years, or about 400 human generations, ago the civilisation started.

Rachael Carson's "Silent Spring" (1962) was an early warning of the ecological problems that accompany the widespread application of chemicals (mainly pesticides) and the warning she sounded has been heeded in several ways.

Environmental concerns are now high on the world's agenda. Global concern over environmental issues has increased substantially in recent years. Starting with the Stockholm environmental conference 1972 followed by The Earth Summit in Rio de Janeiro in 1994 and in Johannesburg in 2004 underlined the importance of sustainable development and its relationship with environmental protection. Governments all over the world works with strategies for sustainable development. The explosives sector also must develop sustainable, ecologically correct methods for disposal and reuse of energetic materials which meets the challenging environmental targets necessary to save our planet.

Vingaker Energetic Science Park (VESP) will serve as a platform and full scale laboratory for research and development in cooperation with primary the Universities of Mälardalen MDH, Linköping LIU and the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm KTH. The possibilities for European cooperation with universities in Europe are under exploration.

Vingaker Energetic Science Park (VESP) - network platform of explosive and energetic material sustainable development