Intentions and plans for VESP

VESP is a platform and network centre for research and development of sustainable and environmentally correct methods for disposal of explosives material and articles.

VESP is a non profit organisation which is based in the Vingåker commune

Together with KCEM, Universities, research organisations, private company’s VESP will focus on
• Build and maintain at network
• Preservation of experiences, information and competence
• Transition of experiences and competence to new generations
• Fostering and training new generations of explosive specialists
• Research and development of technique related to sustainable ecologically correct methods for disposal and reuse of energetic materials
• Remediation of land contaminated with energetic materials
• Arranging national and international conferences
• Support researchers and organisations working with related questions

We will now continue the work to establish Vingåker Energetic Science Park and search for interested partners all over the world.

Vingaker Energetic Science Park (VESP) - network platform of explosive and energetic material sustainable development