The Background for starting Vingåker Energetic Science Park

The wake up call

1962 Rachel Carson published the bestseller “Silent Spring”. In the book she questioned out attempts to control the natural world about us. She illustrated the human incompetence to decisions without understanding the complex relationships and interactions that is fundamentals for life on earth. Already 1954 Rachel Carson said; The more clearly we can focus our attention on the wonders and realities of the universe about us the less taste we shall have for destruction.

Around this time the alarm started about the necessity to be careful with our environment on our globe.

Early environmental initiatives taken in Sweden

From 1965 a debate concerning the commercial consumption based economy and the increasing quantities of garbage started. A common way to get rid of chemical waste was dumping in sea and lakes. Since the Second World War Sweden had dumped excessive ammunition in old mines, lakes and the Baltic Sea. A growing concern from environmentalists started a process that led to an idea of world conference on the environment and during this process a number of actions were taken by the Swedish government for example

• Law that forbids dumping of waste in lake and Sea valid from 1970.
• Start of the Demil facility Vingåkersverken
• Arranging of the first World conference upon Environment
• Starting a program “Keep Sweden tidy”

The fall of the Soviet Empire 1989

The new era that started 1990 had to clean up the large quantities of war equipment and ammunition that no longer was needed. I was quite easy to get rid of mechanical materials as cars and gun but there were also atomic weapons, chemical weapons and bacteriological weapons besides of the more than 20 millions of tons of conventional ammunition stored at both sides of the former steel curtain.

The quantities are so big that still 18 years after the change more than 10 million ton still is stored to be neutralized. Materials from those stores are leaking out to conflicts in Africa and other wars where weapons are used.

Demilitarisation is expensive and not foreseen in military budgets

Today we know that environmentally correct methods for neutralisation of ammunition are to be used when we take care of the remains from earlier periods. It is not accepted to leave dangerous materials and polluted land or water and forget them.

Handling of explosives and especially to take care of old ammunition is dangerous

Organisations do not have memories they only, in the best cases, have registers and minutes over what has occurred earlier. It is only individuals that have memory and individuals sometimes forget and the do not live for ever. As ammunition produced from 1900 is very stable for aging and will have explosive properties for hundreds and in some times 1000 of years. It is therefore of crucial importance to maintain competence, drawings and technical documentation for coming generations.

Today we understand that there are extremely complex systems that forms all life of our globe.

2008 politicians and other leaders have cope with a lot of questions and take the right decisions in order to lead the nations through
• Financial Challenge
• Climatical Challenge
• Environmental Challenge
• Ecological Challenge
• Sustainable solutions
• Transiton of knowledge
• Fostring new generations
International Co - operation is fundamental in order to meet the challenges.

We all realises that the situation calls for a lot of different actions which must be taken to create a sustainable society on our planet.

Sweden has since Alfred Nobel a long industrial tradition to handle Explosives

The homeland where the Nobel industrial emporium was started around 150 years ago was around the lake Mälaren.
Vingaker Energetic Science Park (VESP) - network platform of explosive and energetic material sustainable development