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Requirements for any given product can be divided into three main groups: Safety, function and lifetime requirements. Safety requirements are regulated in law and their directives. Function properties are being taken care by manufacturers. Our business area is being the customers first choice when it comes to lifetime properties.


Regionförbundet Sormland Cooperation projects encompass our commitment to Europe and the Baltic area, our own regional environment, culture and tourism, communications and social planning, as well as the development of knowledge and competence.


DYNASAFE offers a broad portfolio of high quality and high performance products for explosion containment and destruction of munitions. Both business segments have a strong focus on safety and environmental friendly solutions. DYNASAFE also offers services and expert analysis within both business segments


Chilefonden Chilefonden helps you to have a small or medium-sized companies that you think could grow in South America; helps have you to have a Chilean company; helps you a project which may become a product.


Seclink SecLink is a security cluster, a network, which collecting agencies, organizations and businesses in their activities directly or indirectly, employed in services and products that increase safety in our society.
  Nitrex Explosives engineering


  NORDIC  ALLISTICS A company specializing in consultation and education in all areas of ballistic science.
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Vingaker Energetic Science Park (VESP) - network platform of explosive and energetic material sustainable development