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HEWAB assists our Customers in finding the best solutions to their problems by providing access to a global network of experienced experts.  

Vingåker Factory outlet Brands Clothes
Clear edge group Clear Edge Filtration™ offers a large variety of specialty filtration products for numerous industry applications (Screen and filter products. Process Belts, Screen Print)
Weber International Weber, a full offer of solutions for building, construction and renovation
Nammo Group Recycle and demilitarize ammunition


Development, Construction, Manufacturing, Coating (hot),Montage of steel structures in general and the stairs in particular.


Farm products


Voith paper


Woven Forming, paper making

Mobilt Säkerhets Valv; Stöldskydds bur för MC- Snöskotrar- Fyrhjulingar; MC-lås med rörelse alarm; Verkstadsutrustning för MC och snöskotrar; Betongprodukter; ZIP Level; skräpvagn för hantering med frontlastare; produktionsutrustning för betongindustri; Grindar och räcken; Limpistoler och smältlim; Komposteringsmaskiner; Aktiv bilkörning



Offer financial support for projects of countryside development


Viadidakt Helene Björkkvvist


Adult education


Sörmlands Sparbank Saving bank
Olson machine service AB


Service, safety and production of Rönnqvist presses


Lindroths tryckeri


Printing house


Axdos AB Industirell automation

construction materials (Glass, wood, steel and plastic etc.)

Låttra Gård

Bio products; Horticultural  Forestry

European Union

The European Union (EU) is an economic and political union of 27 member states, located primarily in Europe.
Vingaker Energetic Science Park (VESP) - network platform of explosive and energetic material sustainable development